The Silo wins International Award

NRE Denmark A/S Trelleborggade 3 DK-2150 Nordhavn
6 June 2018
The Silo in Copenhagen's Nordhavn receives great recognition with an international award as the Best Tall Building in Europe 2018. The building was one of five European finalists in the competition for the CTBUH 2018 Awards. The competition was held by The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) which is the world's largest high-rise building organization.
The Silo won the award against a number of much larger high-rise buildings in both London, Berlin and Paris. The jury’s reason sounded: "The Silo embodies the importance of restoring original structures in cities, as a matter of environmental sustainability, as well as an ethical and visionary approach to cultural heritage”.
The transformation of the old grain silo is made in close collaboration between the architect firm COBE and the builders Klaus Kastbjerg and NRE Denmark. NRE Denmark has also had the role as main contractor.
Project Manager Caroline Nagel from COBE says: "As architects one of the hardest jobs of working on a project like this is that we’re already falling in love with the old silo structure, this monolithic, slim and aesthetic building, and it’s a question of how you can transform it into a livable building that still contains the old soul of the silo. With the construction we show how it is possible to create unique architecture while retaining some of the city's old structures."
Jacob Eiskjær Olesen, CEO of NRE Denmark A/S, says: "The transformation of the old structure gave significant challenges. Many openings had to be made in order to bring light into the building, while ensuring the structure and compensating for quite large imbalances in the old building. In the role as both main contractor and builder, we were able to ensure that the architectural visions were able to build."
The other builder, Klaus Kastbjerg from Unionkul Holding, says: "The attention that The Silo now receive shows that it makes sense to pursue a dream. In this case the dream was to preserve one of the unique landmarks of the Nordhavn and bring it into a new age. Of course, we got some surprises along the way, but overall we believe that the project shows a way forward for the renovation of old industrial areas in the cities."
The award ceremony took place on 30th-31th. May in Chicago in connection with the annual 2018 Tall+Urban Innovation Conference.
Further information:
Press contact NRE Denmark A/S:
Søren Katholm
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Press contact COBE:
Stine Lund Hansen
Mobile: +45 27 29 24 42
Photos can be downloaded here:
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Caption: The Silo in Nordhavn has won the award as Best Tall Building Europe in 2018 (photo: COASTARC / R. Hjortshøj).
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Caption: The old gain silo was outside covered with insulation and custom made steel elements (photo: COASTARC /R. Hjortshøj).

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With raw concrete walls and modern design The Silo offers a truly unique experience of city, water and sky. 
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Klaus Kastbjerg at the award ceremony in Chicago. In the background from left Caroline Nagel (COBE), Anne-Louise Kastbjerg (Unionkul Holding) and Steve Watts (CTBUH).
NRE Denmark A/S Trelleborggade 3 DK-2150 Nordhavn